How To Paint Water Droplets

I love to paint water droplets.   They fascinate me.  The way they catch the light... the way they cast shadows.  They are so beautiful.

It was years ago. I was attending a decorative painting convention in Toronto. Or maybe it was Charlotte, North Carolina. You know, I'm not really sure.

Anyway as I said, it was years ago and I was still wet behind the ears. But I was so curious about everything related to decorative painting. I still am. I've never really lost that.

I walked by a booth where various teachers were doing demonstrations. And there it was. Isn't it funny how some things really grab your attention? This was one of those.

I remember vividly the demo about painting water droplets. It just looked so magical! I had to master this technique. So I did. Since then I've painted many of them. It's fun. So why not share this with you?

Are you ready?

Your Tutorial On How To Paint Water Droplets

There are two shapes... the teardrop shape and the flat oval shape.

Here's where you can download the free Water Droplet Worksheet Line Drawing for practicing.

There are just 6 easy steps!

I've used DecoArt Americana acrylics for this tutorial.  For my example here I roughly basecoated a journal page with Spa Blue.

  1. Using a #5 round brush, basecoat the water droplets with the background color one value darker. Here I mixed in a tiny touch of Wedgewood Blue with the Spa Blue.

  2. Add narrow floats of Warm White with #12 flat.

  3. With the same flat brush, add narrow floats of a grey value, I used Slate Grey.

  4. If your floats covered the water droplet too much, tap in a little of the water droplet basecoat mixture in the middle with the round brush.

  5. Use a #1 liner to add a strong highlights of White. Add a couple of dots at about 2 o'clock and a curve-following line at about 7 o'clock.

  6. Add a shadow to the left side of the droplet. Here I used Wedgewood Blue.

That's all there is to it!

Nothing beats reality. Look at the water droplets on this leaf. Notice how the shadow is strongest behind the brightest part of the droplet? Let nature be your guide.

So there you have it.  Now you know how to paint water droplets.  I do hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. 

Feel free to leave me a comment below.  I love hearing from you.

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