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This Inspiration Challenge Journal Gallery is a place for you to feature your artwork for the world to see!

You can share your inspired creations with your fellow members as you complete each daily challenge.  

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It's fun to see people's artwork!  And, as a creator, it's great to get feedback and read people's comments.

I find that looking at a variety of journal pages from different creatives, like you, is very inspiring!  And that's what this is all about... inspiring you to create.

Use this space as often as you like and come back here to see other people's artwork too!

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Here's What Other Members Have Contributed

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It Takes A Village  
My fantasy city, with my cozy little home in the center of it all.

Bags of Money Beach House 
A beach house is a home I would want if I had bags of money. This is done with Tombow colored markers.

Day 21 Hip to be square. 
This prompt I loved. It was good to experiment with the colours and shading. Embellished with both black and white doodles. Fantastic loved it. Thanks …

I can't resist. 
Never used this medium before. Good to try something new. Enjoyed it.

Inspirational lyrics 
Showing my age here. Blue moon.

day 29 - I just Can't Resist 
Well ... this was also a Ton of Fun!!!! I did try a stencil for the word Love.....but I could see that the masking fluid was leaking I did the rest …

Day 25 Mandala Madness 
This is the first Mandala I have ever made. It was a lot of fun.

Day 27 - Negative space 
Fun fun fun.... this fall picture was from a class some time ago now...pumpkins on the ground ..

Day 26 - white on black 
I did a couple for this prompt 😅!! I love the look .... here is the first one ... a lily from last year's lily tree...the new ones are about one week …

Day 29 - I just can’t resist 
My turtle became a stained glass window effect, cool. Retirement, slow and steady.

Day 27 - Negative Drawing 
I found a sunflower I had painted and found the simple negative spaces (based on time I had to spend with this exercise). Next time I will attempt a more …

Day 25 - Mandala Madness 
Wow!! That was a first!! I never imagined ever trying to create one...even though I have coloured some before. Another prompt that I will try again!! …

Day 24 - What's for Lunch 
My wonky plate of salad.. carrots, red cabbage, lettuce,celery,dried noodles... that was Fun!!!

Day 23 - It Takes a Village  
Well....I loved your village!!! This is what happened on that day... it's a meh .... I am determined to try it again in a more whimsical way!!!

Day 22 - How's the Weather 
Playing around is So Much Fun!!! I tried to create a mix of sun and clouds...

Day 21 - Hip to be Square 
Oh I didn't follow very well..😒...and the results show that immediately!! I need to be more attentive!!!! It looks more like an abstract quilt....

Day 24 White on Black 
I did enjoy doing monochrome painting. My three images of flowers were painted in acrylic. I first painted a canvas with blackboard paint. Then I painted …

Day 25 - Mandala Madness 
This is a first for me. I didn’t use all the geometry tools but close enough. It was both relaxing and fun.

Day 24 - Lunchtime 
A healthy Mediterranean salad with dressing on the side. After drawing this salad, I’m hungry all over again. Haha

Day 23 - It takes a New Village 
I had so much fun embellishing this painting that I wanted to re-post it.

Day 23 - It takes a village 
This was a family favorite. I used watercolor to keep it transparent and improvised by adding shingles, laundry on the line plus a Picnic table.

Day 20 - Summer breeze  
Early summer is a favourite ..dandelions and daisies came to mind...I tried to make it look like they were being blown about by that summer breeze... Another …

Day 19 - out of control string art 
That was fun too!! I had some purple ink which I dipped in looked rather I then went to a bit of I got what looked like …

Day 22 - How is the weather  
After a drought and high temps, we have a day of clouds, rain, and rainbows. Still overcast, with the sun peeking through, we feel the gentle breeze and …

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Day 21 - Hip to be Square 
I could spend hours doodling with zentangles. This was really fun.

Day 18 - Draw your other half 
Here I am, wrinkles and all. I was thrilled at the results of this challenge. Didn’t think I could do it. Cheryl, you bring the best out of us…well, maybe …

Out of controlled String Art 
I guess I am a control freak! I threw out the first disaster! The second one…still not sure I felt comfortable. All I could see were Chicago Cub fans celebrating …

Day 16 - on the right path 
I love the sand paths in PEI ...that lead to the beaches, in so many parts of the island... such fun exploring. Although we are not, what one would call …

Day 17 - Lyrical Inspiration 
“Muskrat Love” by Capitan & Tennille was our favorite song back in 1972. A catchy tune that stays with you all day. A fun monochromatic exercise.

Day 16 - Pathway 
Autumn is my favorite time of the year with all the rich fall colors. A walk through a park surrounded by a color spectrum of autumn hues is a tremendous …

Day 15 - Bee Happy 
This was fun too...and I am still very sloppy with floats and things... I had a "be happy stencil" ...and the rest was free hand 😏🙄 .... not sure why …

Day 16 - Bee Happy 
Bee Happy was a great way to practice floating and shading. I was “happy” with the results. ;) 🐝

Day 14 - Finger painting  
Oh .... another fun and messy time!!! I don't even remember doing finger painting as a kid 😏.. but, do have some done by our kids saved. It certainly …

Dreamcatcher of hope 
To me, a dreamcatcher is for hopes and dreams for the future.

Day 15 - Fingerpainting 
Wow, the sensory feeling of paint on fingertips is nostalgic and therapeutic.

Day 13 - Inner critic 
Well ..That was an interesting exercise... I ended up with "Naggy", she's much nicer now... her days of whispering negatively have diminished as we've …

Day 12 - Bags of Money 
Well... this is a bit of cheating artwork... as time wasn't a luxury this day... so I went to some travel pictures that I had printed.. Beautiful Ireland …

Fav Flower 
Iris's. These were growing in my yard years ago. I have many favorite flowers and Iris's are some of them.

Sophisticated Doodles 
My sophisticated doodles are more in line with zentangles and whimsical. I haven’t done these in quite some time. Glad to get back to this type of relaxed …

Day 9 & 10 - Quote and Fantasy Garden 
I combined a two day project into one. The garden of hydrangea, impatient, basil, fern and a sunflower amid a quote of “HOME is where the heart is” completes …

Day 11 - Sophisticated Doodles 
I'm still laughing 😅🤣😂 I can't be sophisticated with or about anything!!! And I am not really a doodler . .. more slip slap... so here's what happened …

Day 10 - Fantasy Garden 
I loved your circles of various sizes in the geometric that's where it started... Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Day 9 - quotes  
Playing is how I spend a lot of time..with paint and the camera... so I just googled quotes about play...and this one was the first I saw that seemed to …

Coffee, Tea, or... 
This was quick and fun. I did a background of just 2 colors and collaged the images.

Fantasy Garden 
Since I haven't had the time to do all the individual pages, I have incorporated the Funky Brayer Background and Geometrics, My Fav Flower, and Inspirational …

Day 7 Funky Background and Geometric shapes 
Well.... It was Fun, Cheryl!!! But pretty messy for me....and hearing you, watching you and your wonderful relaxing ways....made me see I really need …

Day 6 Dream catcher 
I do daydream a lot ...not sure if the dream catcher idea really applies to those or not .... probably not its true purpose.

Day 5 Favourite flower many favourites...but, this day some of the peonies were opening and I brought some inside

Day 8 - Coffee or Tea 
I love my strong hot coffee in the quiet morning hours in my favorite coffee mug. A gift from our daughter after a trip to Destin, FL. What is unique is …

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Day - 7 Funky Brayer Background and Geometric Shapes 
My stencils didn’t show up so I used rubber stamps instead. Triangular shapes are fun in this instance.

Day - 6 Dream catcher 
Had to hunt my geometry tools for this one. Maya Angelou has always been an inspiration to me with her wise quotes.

Day 3 Color Blot Characters  
I actually used spray colors for this one and immediately saw roses to draw out.

Day 2 Words with Special Meaning 
It is probably pretty obvious that I am a coffee lover.

Day 1 The Magic of String Art 
This was so much fun to do. I was pleasantly surprised at how the shape turned out when I finally looked. I added some embellishments.

day 4 - doodle day 
We recently have had rabbits in the yard...I think they are looking for a place to find that is cool.... I guess that's why one showed up in my doodles …

day 3 - blobs  
Yikes.... a disappointing day of play with this one.... but, one day when I try it again....I have an inkling of what I won't do!! That's a plus, right!! …

day 2 - Words 
Fun Fun Fun .... the words Family & Hugs... mean the most to me these days....Missing both so much, with the pandemic ... Praying that it is nearing …

Day 1 String  
I really enjoyed this ... and will do it again using twine maybe, or yarn.

Day 5 - Fave Flower 
I now have 4 Hydrangas growing in my garden, thanks to Mother's Day gifts. It’s always been my fave flower. For this art challenge, I chose to use colored …

Day 4 - Doodles 
I love to doodle or Zentangle during meetings or TV watching. So relaxing.

Day 3 - Blots of paint 
My blots of paint had a tendency to actually look like lily pads and koi fish. Oh well.

Day 2 - Words of Inspirations 
“Name 3 things you are grateful for…” This is something my husband and I did each night of the pandemic to stay positive.

Day 1 - String Art and Bubbles  
I’ve always wanted to try this type of string art. The circles looked more like bubbles to me.

White on Black Not rated yet
Excellent exercise. Out of comfort zone but enjoyed it as well as loving result.

Day 21 Hip to Be Square Not rated yet
I didn't have any acrylic paints available so used Tombow markers and a black pen.

Day 26 - White on Brown Not rated yet
Would you believe I ran out of black paint?

Day 20 - Summer Breeze Not rated yet
As a teenager, I would frequent the beach on Lake Michigan to meet friends, work on my tan, while listening to pop songs of the 60’s on a transistor. Slathered …

Day 18 - draw the other half Not rated yet
For this I found a magazine I don't know who this is...but, it was still plenty of fun.... Oh Dear I didn't straightened her out , can you …

Day 17 - lyrical inspiration  Not rated yet
So so many songs in my head... from a toddler (the teddy bear's picnic), Sunday school hymns, Elvis, the Beatles..but I very often hear "If I Could Save …

Day 15 - Bee Happy Not rated yet
This was fun too...and I am still very sloppy with floats and things... I had a "be happy stencil" ...and the rest was free hand 😏🙄 .... not sure why …

Day -13 Inner Critic Not rated yet
This exercise has unearthed my nemesis from grade school who thought she was perfect and I wasn’t, of course, in her eyes. She went on to teach high school …

Day 8 - Drinks Not rated yet
I'm a rather boring drinker Tap water and sometimes tea....not even a special mug or glass... my other half, likes his water kept in the fridge. …

Hello June!! Not rated yet
I did this banner for the June 2021 Art Inspiration Challenge.

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