Imaginary Creatures

These imaginary creatures were done using an exercise from a great book titled Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim.

It's just one of many prompts to get you to start drawing even if you have no experience.  And especially if you think all of your drawing efforts have been epic fails every time you've tried.

Basically for this exercise, you use watercolor or thinned acrylics and you just make random marks over a sheet of watercolor paper.  Here I've used 10 x 7-inch rectangles.  I started with thinned red and let that dry.  Added some blue and let that dry and finished with some yellow.

Pretty easy so far. The next fun part is to look for shapes that suggest something to you.  Imaginary creatures usually stand out.  If you don't see anything, turn the paper and study it some more, keep going until you see something that resembles anything.

Use of fine point permanent marker, like a Sharpie® and start drawing what you see.  Then embellish all you want!

This is what I saw in the first watercolor "painting".  Have a look at the image above this one and look for what it is that I saw.  It will come to you.  Below is another example...

This one was a bit more energetic and I immediately saw two creatures.  As I kept drawing, more creatures came out to play.

Again, look at the painting above this one and then you'll see where I was able to pull out the characters.  Don't ask me where these serpents came from, I have no idea!

I hope you'll give this warm up exercise a try.  Do it with children, they'll teach you how to "let go".  This is serious fun.

Below is an Amazon link to the book.  The book is filled with 52 different exercises to get you warmed up to learning how to draw.

I often use the boo when I'm itching to do something creative but I can't get going.  The prompts really get the juices going.  Sometimes I see more than just imaginary creatures.  Sometimes I see landscapes or even realistic animals.

The key is to really study the mess of marks and open yourself up to the potential. 

Don't throw away your doodles.  Keep them in a folder.  You'll look back on them with fondness and wonder some day!


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