Glass painting

I can never seem to get the gloss enamel paints to go on the glass smoothly! It always wants to peel off with each stroke......Why????

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Nov 25, 2014
Peeling Glass Paint
by: Cheryl

Hello there...
Cheryl here from YDPR.

It's hard to say. How have you prepared the glass before painting? Do you wear hand lotion? Do you handle the glass surface a lot?

Natural oil comes off your hands and will interfere with paint adhesion. I like to wear gloves, like surgical gloves, to keep all oils off the glass surfaces.

Feb 21, 2015
Glass Paint
by: Karen

The paint does tend to "peel" off if you paint the paint the same spot over and over. The best technique that I've found so far, is to put a very light first coat on, let dry well, then continue with a second or third coat, but don't stay on one spot over and over or it will stroke off and create a hole. If this happens, I try lightly dabbing that spot with the paint, letting it dry and then painting it with normal brush strokes. Good luck!

Feb 21, 2015
Peeling Glass Paint
by: Cheryl

Thanks Karen, that's great advice.

It doesn't hurt to apply the 1st coat and let it cure overnight. I've always found I get 100% success rate if I go the distance and gather up all of my patience to wait that long! :o)

And you're right Karen, working in the same spot is not a good idea.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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