This free gourd painting pattern is our gift to you. You may save this line drawing by right-clicking and "save image as". Once saved to your computer print it out and then enlarge it or reduce it to fit your gourd.

If you've never painted on a gourd before, here's where you can get great information for your painted gourd.

Free Gourd Pattern

Santa gourd birdhouse

Palette is DecoArt Americana Acrylics - Project designed by Cheryl Poulin

You have my permission to copy and use this design for your own enjoyment and for teaching purposes.

We're delighted to be able to give you this free gourd painting pattern.

1. Trace the Santa gourd pattern onto the gourd, minus the wreath, mittens, stars, ribbon, hair and beard, and fur trim.

2. Basecoat the gourd with Burgundy Wine. Avoid the face and where the cape is open at the front.

3. Basecoat the face with Flesh Tone.


4. Basecoat the section under the robe with Viridian Green. Trace on the sleeves, mittens and wreath. Study the photos to give you a sense of where there are folds in the fabric.

Santa inner robe details 5. Shade to create folds with soft floats of Viridian Green + Black Forest Green. Shade under the sleeves as well. Go around the wreath and mittens with wide floats too.

6. Deepen the shading in the darkest areas with Black Forest Green.

7. Highlight by dry brushing on the folds with Viridian Green + tch Warm White.

8. Repeat with a bit more Warm White on the dirty brush.

9. Float the sleeve cuffs using the same colors.


10. Basecoat the mittens and the ribbon with Honey Brown.

11. Shade with floats of Burnt Umber.

12. Dry brush highlight with Cadmium Yellow. Repeat with tch of Warm White blended into the dirty brush.

13. Add the stars at the ends of the ribbon with Cadmium Yellow. Shade with Honey Brown. Outline with Burgundy Wine. Dry brush a highlight in the middle of the stars with Warm White.


14. Shade the cape folds and the hat with floats of Black Plum. Please refer to the photos for approximate placement.

15. Dry bush the highlights on the folds with Burgundy Wine +Cadmium Yellow.

16. Repeat by adding more Cadmium Yellow to the dirty rush until you are satisfied with the appearance.

Santa face close up


17. Basecoat the face with Flesh Tone.

18. Shade with Burnt Sienna.

19. Dry brush the cheeks with Country Red.

20. Highlight the top of the cheeks with floats of White. Add sparkle dot with White.

21. Basecoat the eye shape with White.

22. The iris is French Grey Blue.

23. Outline the eyes and the irises with Black. Add a few eyelashes.

24. The lip is Flesh Tone with a wash of Country Red.


25. The hair, beard, mustache and eyebrows are undercoated Slate Grey.

26. Add the beard, hair and mustache (in that order) with liner strokes of White. Dab on the eyebrows.


27. Stipple with Raw Umber. While wet, stipple with Buttermilk.


28. Stipple with Black Forest Green. While wet, stipple in Hauser Medium Green.

29. Glue on tiny little beads and sequins.

We hope you enjoy painting this Santa gourd!

Did you enjoy your free gourd painting pattern? Why not drop us a line and let us know.

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