Folk art tile medium

by Loulabelle
(Dorset UK)

Hi there

Ive just signed up, this site is so lovely and helpful

OK..... Ive got these wine bottles staring at me, I've swirled water-based acrylic paint around the inside. They were all dry and clean. The paint does not want to stick. It coats lovely at first but when draining and drying, it goes thin and dries awfully streaky!

I've tried it neat and also tried mixing with PVA, nothing works yet lots of UTube videos say its "so easy" (Usually in an American twang!) ;)

Upon Googling, I've just purchased some FOLKART TILE MEDIUM as they say paint adheres to it when put on glass. Is this right?

Do I just swirl this inside, let it dry then swirl paint on top?
The paints I'm using are Casa acrylics, I've had these for years but never used, they are like new.
I used to paint canvas Teepee tents!

Can you help? Id really appreciate it today if possible. Im in Dorset in the UK

Thank you! xx

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Apr 21, 2016
Painting Inside WIne Bottles
by: Cheryl

Hello Loulabelle of Dorset, UK! :o)

Great question.

1) Yes, the FolkArt Glass and Tile Medium performs as promised. The product provides "tooth" for the paint to cling to.

Pour in a generous amount of the medium, swirl it around to completely cover the inside. Pour excess back into the bottle then set the bottle upside down to allow more of the medium to drip out.

Ideally you can suspend the bottle over a foam plate and use a knife to save the excess medium, returning it to the bottle.

After about an hour, turn the bottle right side up and let it dry another hour. I usually turn a fan on so the air moves around and helps to dry things ore quickly. (I have an impatient streak!)

Before moving along, you should know that as with all paints and mediums, results will be best achieved when using the same brand of paints.

Therefore, if you're using FolkArt mediums you need to use FolkArt Acrylics.

Your next step then is to pour paint(s)inside the bottle, swirl it around, coating the inside evenly. Pour excess back into the bottle or if using a mix of colours, pour into another airtight container for later use.

Turn bottle upside to let the remaining excess paint flow out. Again, if you can suspent the bottle all the better. However, you can just invert the bottle, placing it on a foam plate or waxy paper. Leave overnight to dry.

IF you have bare spots, once the paint has dried, simply pour in more paint and swirl to cover.

2) I'm not familiar with Casa paints, so I cannot make any comments. But painting canvas teepees must have been fun! :o)

I do hope this helps.

All my best and happy painting! Cheryl

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