Decoart Liquid Leading vs. Gallery Glass Liquid Leading

by James R.
(Springdale, AR, USA)

I currently use Gallery Glass glass paints and I was wondering if there was a difference between their liquid lead and Decoarts? If they are similar, can the Gallery Glass be used with Decoart Stains? Can it be baked to cure unlike their paints?
Sorry for all the questions....been using Gallery Glass for a while and it is time to migrate over to something more permanent and all this is new to me!

Thank you,

P.S. If the answer is somewhere on this site, I must have overlooked it! :-)

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Jun 05, 2017
Liquid Leading
by: Cheryl

Great question!
Hi James, Gallery Glass is removable. As for the leading it will likely remain tacky, again it's the flexibility component. So even though GG is "permanent" for it's crafting application it would not stand up to heat. So no heat setting.

As for mixing brands, I don't recommend it. Different manufacturers use different "chemical recipes" to achieve their particular paint qualities.

Pick one and use all of their complementary products. Visit the DecoArt and the Plaid Folk Art websites for information about the products that would be suitable for your creative endeavors.

James wrote back:
I have visited Plaid, DecoArt, and numerous fact one (I don't remember which because I looked through SOOO many) actually had GG Liquid Leading in a picture sitting next to a bottle of DecoArt Glass Stain. That is what started this whole pursuit! LOL I wasn't sure that since DecoArt and GG were both manufactured by Plaid that they might have chemical makeups that played nicely with each other but I don't like you can't heat set the GG.


And I replied:
Actually Gallery Glass is manufactured by Plaid... even so, the products perform "different duties" therefore would be different in their make up for their different applications.
The DecoArt Glass Stains and Leading are easy to use and are not to be heat set. Just dry flat for 24 hours. Use for decorative purposes only. Not to come in contact with food. Colors are quite brilliant and lovely.

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