I’m Cheryl Poulin, a creativity coach and artist with a passion for helping others find their creative selves. I would love to empower you!!

Every man and woman has art in their soul. Even though I can hear you say "I can’t draw a straight line!" That’s quite OK. You don’t need to know anything about art at all.

What are your dreams and aspirations? What goals would you like to accomplish? What roadblocks are you trying to break through?

Empowering People with
Art and Creativity

Vision boards are powerful tools for helping us move forward and to help us break out of routines and habits that keep us going in circles never getting anywhere.

To reach your goals you need a concrete vision. By creating those images on a canvas, we can art up our walls and be reminded everyday of the ultimate destination we're striving for. Vision boards work.

~Vision Board Workshop ~
Learn to Manifest Your Goals and Dreams
with a Creativity Coach!

In a 6-hour session, you will be gently guided through the process of making a personal vision board. You’ll work with acrylic paint, coloured pencils, markers, colourful papers, inks and images that resonate with you. No art experience required!

This will help you connect with your inner-artist while creating the future of your innermost dreams.

After a session of art making this is what I always hear, “I can’t believe I did this! I just can’t believe it!” Ah yes, magic!

You’ll learn to leave the inner critic outside. In doing so, you gain the skills of shutting out negative self-talk.  You learn to put people’s opinions of you and what you do in their rightful place, and you gain a greater sense of empowerment.

Making art is not just for artists. Making art is a creative activity, which allows the mind to quiet down. When we’re in a zone of calm we can process our thoughts with more clarity. We can examine our life dreams and find ways of making them come true. And making a vision board is a great way to get started.

Come and explore for yourself how making art in the form of a vision board can serve you in all areas of your life. As your creativity coach I do not judge your artwork nor the inevitable personal conversations that take place. I listen with an empathetic ear.

Why not find out what's in store for you this year?

Allow me to be your creativity coach.  Let your artful journey begin with a little guidance while having a wonderful play day!!

Private and Group Sessions Available, click or tap here for more information.

Want to try making a vision board on your own?  Here's a free tutorial!

You can contact me for more information on what a creativity coach can do for you!

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You Can Paint These Trees and More

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Save 55%  plus
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