Airbrushing vs. Handpainting Using Pebeo Vitrea 160 paint

I am using the Pebeo 160 transparent colour with my airbrush on glass and the finish is coming out "frosted". I have used this paint with a brush on glass, and the finish is transparent and clear. The reason for switching to an airbrush was due to the paint lines and streaking showing up (even with a squirrel hair brush :-(

Any thoughts and/or advice? FYI...I have used the thinner in both applications.

Thank you

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Feb 22, 2016
Airbrushing Pebeo Vitrea 160
by: Cheryl

Hi Sheri,
I posed the question to Pebeo and here is what they had to say:

"Not sure why you obtain a frosted result when applying with the airbrush. This is the first time I've heard about such a case in 14 years....

In the Vitrea 160 colors, there are glossy colors AND some frosted colors as well....are you sure you are using a glossy color in your paint mix?

A few hints that I know work fine for airbrush application:

In all types of applications, always first stir the paint thoroughly prior to using it.

Then, for use in an air brush, we know better results are obtained when you prepare your mix a few hours or even the day before using it.

Since you need to dilute the paint up to a consistency similar to milk, you can add up to 20% water to your Vitrea 160 paint first, and then complete the dilution with the Vitrea 160 thinner.

Blend well then let sit until the next day or at least for a few hours...and use as usual with your air brush device as recommended by the air brush manufacturer.

This is all that I can think of for now.

There are other paint application techniques that will lessen (and even eliminate) brush strokes: have you tried the sponging application? This gives a texture but it is not brush strokes.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,

Catherine Pouliot

Consumer assistance Pebeo ( North America)

Visit our web site at

Tel.: (819) 829-5012 ext. 231

Fax: (819) 821-4151

Note our direct address is"

Feb 22, 2016
Frosted vs Transparent Pebeo Vitrea 160 Paint
by: Sheri

I appreciate the feedback to my original problem regarding hand-painting vs. airbrushing with Pebeo Vitrea 160 Paint.

I did, of course, use the glossy paint, which is why it is so perplexing that the finish is frosty!

While I did mix the paint with Pebeo thinner, I did not use water, and I did not let the mixture sit for any length of time.

I will try using water along with the thinner, and let it sit for a while to see if this helps with the finish.

If there is a way to post photos, I would be happy to post the frosted airbrushed prism, and the hand-painted transparent prism! Not sure this would be of any help to anyone, but am willing to do so if it is possible.

Thanks again

Feb 23, 2016
Posting photos
by: Cheryl

Yes, you can post photos and that would be awesome. You can upload up to 4 images.

Mar 07, 2017
Same here
by: Lara

The very same thing happened to me with using an airbrush. I'm wondering if you tried the thinner and water and if it worked for you.

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