DecoArt Media Misters
another fun tutorial!!

Trying out new products like the DecoArt Media Misters allows for thinking outside the box.

And so it was on a beautiful autumn drive that the idea for this canvas popped into my head.  Don't you just love when that happens?

The thinking was to start with the background and then block off the leaf shapes. By painting over the background yet allowing the texture and spatter to still show through would most likely provide a visual feast.

And so that's what I set off to do. 

Here's where you can download the line drawing.

And here's what you'll need to do this great project.

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

Cadmium Orange Hue
Sap Green
Paynes Grey

DecoArt Media Gesso


DecoArt Media Misters

Mister Purple
Mister Red
Mister Orange
Shimmer Mister White


White tissue paper
Tracing Paper
Water basin
Paper Towel
99% rubbing alcohol
Soft lint free cloth
Cotton swabs


Old 1-inch flat brush or sponge brush
#1 Liner
1/2-inch Angle Flat


10" x 5" gallery depth canvas

Use gesso on canvas.  While wet apply tissue paper and another coat of gesso.  This creates a wrinkled texture for painting on.

First tint the white gesso with Cadmium Orange Hue. Use this mix to adhere the tissue paper to the canvas.  First cut the tissue paper larger than the canvas and then crinkle it in your hands. 

Apply a generous coat of gesso mixture to the canvas with the flat brush and immediately place the tissue paper on top.  Push it down well into the gesso, spreading it out.  It will naturally crease.  Before it dries add a coat of the gesso mix on top.  Now patiently wait for it to dry.  I mean completely dry...overnight.

Use DecoArt Media Misters to add spatter and mist to the canvas.  Try Orange, Red and Purple.  Cool effect!

NOTE:  Before using the Media Misters, gently shake them.
To achieve an even mist, press the pump quickly all the way down.  To create an irregular mist/spatter, press the pump halfway down.

Working with the canvas flat on your work surface, use Mister Orange to mist all over allowing some of the background color to peek through.  Let dry.

Next, starting in the bottom left corner mist/spatter with Red working your way up to the right hand corner.  Add more spatter in the left corner so it's quite red.  Let dry.

Then, starting in the bottom left corner mist/spatter with Purple working your way up to the right hand corner.  Add more spatter in the left corner.  Let dry.  If you get a big blob, use a cotton swab to blot it off a little.

As you can see the colors of the DecoArt Media Misters are quite intense. 

Outline maple leaf shapes and then paint around them using DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic in Paynes Grey.  Apply with a 1/2-inch Angle brush.

Transfer the leaf shapes with black graphite and then use the Liner loaded in Paynes Grey to outline each leaf. 

Then use the Angle brush to apply a slightly thinned coat of Paynes Grey, covering the background allowing the leaves to pop out.  Let that dry.

On a lint free cloth use some rubbing alcohol to remove some of the paint from the background.  This reveals a beautiful texture created by the tissue paper layer below.

Use rubbing alcohol on the rag to gently rub off some of the Paynes Grey to reveal some of the nice texture created by the tissue paper layer below.

Add a thinned coat of Sap Green using the Angle brush to the background, working around the leaves.

Using the Angle brush again, apply a thinned coat of Sap Green all over the background, avoiding the leaves.  This creates a nice organic effect.

Protect the leaves by masking them off with leaf shaped masks.  Use tape to hold the masks in place.

Mask off the leaves by cutting out the leaf shapes and taping them in place.

Use the Shimmer White Mister to spatter all over the canvas but not too much.

Use the Shimmer White to mist/spatter all over the canvas but not too much!  Let everything dry making sure your canvas is still flat on your surface.  For this project you don't want the spatters to run.

When completely dry, remove the masks and tape.

This is a detail image of what the painting looks like.

Here's a closeup.  Notice I've also added the suggestion of veins using a mix of the Paynes Grey and Sap Green using the Liner.

I think I'll be using more DecoArt media misters is other paintings.  That was fun!

The finished painting has been titled Frosty Fall Morning by Cheryl Poulin.Frosty Fall Morning by Cheryl Poulin using DecoArt Media ™ Misters

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