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High Realism PoppyHigh Realism Poppy

High Realism Poppy Project

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

The High Realism Poppy Project… is perfect for people who enjoy “losing themselves” in the process of painting.

I designed The High Realism Poppy Project... to help people like you relax and enjoy the process of creating a painting to be proud of.

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Paint a stunning flower
  • Explore mixed media
  • Exercise your floating skills
  • Brush up on your dry-brushing techniques
  • Create details with the liner brush
  • Include decoupage into your creation
  • Seriously get into shading and highlighting
  • Lose yourself in the painting process
  • Float and Dry brush highlights
  • Execute a back-to-back float
  • Mix color on your brush

…then this packet is for you!

In this Pattern Packet, I’ve included everything you need to succeed:

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Line Drawing
  • Shading Diagram
  • Materials list
  • Required paints
  • Required brushes

This project can be adapted to fit most surfaces.  I painted it on a rectangle.  It could easily be painted on a square, oval or circle.

You could paint this design on any surface at all.  Perhaps a lazy Susan, a round bentwood box or a round tray or a platter.  

The paints are by DecoArt Americana.

Packet includes step-by-step instructions, line drawing, shading diagram and 6 detailed photos.

This packet is ready for immediate download.
Suitable for Intermediate skill level.

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Price $9.95


Did You Know?

The High Realism Poppy Project is also available as a fully detailed video course.  It's like painting with me in my studio.  Look over my shoulder as I guide you step-by-step in painting this poppy.  

Learn more here.

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