CBP0013 Silent Night

Here's What You Get

Designed to give you great results, this project is adaptable to any surface, so you are not restricted and don’t have to wait to find a surface to paint on. 

You can paint it on a small hanging canvas for your front door or even cut your own plaque from 1/2 inch pine or MDF.  Of course, you are free to reduce or enlarge the line drawing to suit your needs.

For this project I used DecoArt acrylic paints because they provide great results at an affordable price and they are so easy to find. 

To make sure you get every detail, this pattern packet has 11 pages with 5 images to support the detailed step-by-step instructions. There is absolutely no guesswork involved so no confusion for you. 

You will be able to paint this piece because everything you need is here. I leave nothing to chance.

I include a complete materials list to remove any chance of you not having what you need to complete this project, because I know just how frustrating that can be.  And the last thing I want is for you to be frustrated. 

I also provide a detailed line drawing to get you started quickly, so you can have it ready for Christmas...  For yourself or as a gift.

There’s no need to wait since this packet is ready for immediate download.

It’s suitable for a Beginner+ skill level, but I know if you are beyond that, you will enjoy painting this piece as well.  And for your convenience and security, you can pay using PayPal or any major Credit Card.

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My Christmas Inspiration

Do you know what inspired this design?  It was inspired by my childhood memories.  Have you noticed?  Christmas has a way of doing that. It brings peace and a connection to our past. 

As you paint this piece, I’m sure it will allow you to reflect… allow you to remember those years gone by.

And if you are like me, you will remember that trimming the tree was a family affair.   

But there was something even more special for me. 

I could NOT wait for the nativity scene. As the eldest child I had the privilege of unwrapping the manger and all of the characters.

Of course, Mary, Joseph and Jesus were my favorites. They were made of wax and very fragile.  I’ll never forget the responsibility I felt of having to handle them ever so carefully.

Oh, the memories.

I hope you enjoy painting Silent Night. It is a scene that connects us to our past and reminds us all that we were once children, wide–eyed with the excitement of Christmas.

It was a joy reliving those old memories.  As you paint this project, I suspect you will enjoy those memories as well. 

What a way to get you into the Christmas spirit!

- Cheryl

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Price $9.95

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