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Expect The Unexpected - Cheryl at Your Decorative Painting Resource
May 22, 2015

Hello everyone!

May 22, 2015

It's Cheryl here from Your Decorative Painting Resource.

When The Unexpected Happens!

Don't you just hate it when your plans spin out of control? You should have received your Creative Chronicles long ago, but well… I'm late in delivering. I've been busy painting one of our bedrooms to make it ready and comfortable for my wonderful 92 year old Mother-In-Law who is moving in with us permanently. It was a huge undertaking… much bigger than I had anticipated.

And we also enjoyed a long weekend here with friends from out of town for four days. Whew!!

Then to top it off, one of my cats became ill with a mysterious disease. So a couple of sleepless nights combined with emergency trips to the vet have left me tired and behind in my work. But now I'm back… here and in the studio.

So what did I learn?

  1. Things take twice as long as you expect them to
  2. It's great to have great friends
  3. There's no such thing as a FREE Cat.

The Antique Milk Cans Project Moves Forward

So how is the Milk Cans Project coming along? Thought you'd never ask. If you've been a subscriber of the newsletter for a long time, you know about the milk cans commission I'm working on. If you haven't, follow this link for the first and the next installments of this great project. I have to deliver them in a few weeks so I have to get crackin'!

I'd like to give credit to Kathye Langdon, CDA, for inspiring part of the design on the second milk can. I've taken many liberties with the original color palette and simplified the original techniques and I worked from memory alone, rather than from line drawings. I took a doodling approach without any planning and just went with it. So much fun!

However, the resemblance is too close not to be recognizable as her design called "A Bug's Life" which was featured in a decorative painting magazine a few years back. I taught this as a workshop many months ago and my students loved their results. And I definitely loved painting this interpretation. I'm almost done and I'll share the completed project very soon.

And the E-Mail Upgrades Continue...

We are still in the process of moving you from our old email service to a new, improved service. To do that we asked you to add your Name and Email Address to my new list. For those of you who did, Thank You very much! As a result you may find yourself receiving 2 copies of The Creative Chronicles.

You may also receive email saying that you have been unsubscribed. Please don't worry. It only means that you have been removed from my old list. You will still be on the new list and will still receive The Creative Chronicles. We will get it all sorted out in time.

For Those Of You Who Have NOT Taken Action

THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you want to continue receiving The Creative Chronicles, you have to take action. You have to add your Name and Email Address to the new list. You can do that here.

If you have not added yourself to the new list and you still want to receive The Creative Chronicles, don't wait another minute. Now is the time to do it.

If you don't take action you will stop receiving The Creative Chronicles in just 2 weeks from now. Then you will miss all of the fun.

I would really hate to say "Goodbye" so add yourself to the new list now. Life will be so lonely without you.

That's A Wrap!

That's it until next week.

Talk soon,

Cheryl Poulin


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