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You Asked For It? You Got It! - Cheryl at Your Decorative Painting Resource
February 28, 2015

Hello everyone!

February 28, 2015

It's Cheryl here from Your Decorative Painting Resource.

New Online Art Gallery

Do you remember last week I mentioned I thought it would be a neat idea to add a gallery on the website so that creative visitors could post their photos online for the world to see? Well, in my spare time (as if!) I did manage to do just that.

So if you have a clear, in-focus photo of your artwork why not upload it to the site and tell us a little bit about it? It's fun and visitors get to make comments. It's all very interactive. Go have a peek at some of the artwork submitted to the Visitor Gallery so far.

Once you are there, just click on the little thumbnails at the end of the Visitor Gallery page to open each photo and to read the comments. And of course I would encourage you to add your pictures right away to get in on the excitement. Then share with your friends and family!

Up-cycled and Re-Purposed

Here are some of the other images I've received from readers of last week's newsletter.

Carol Schaffer says she loves to paint on wine bottles. This is so adorable. She told me that the project started with one of those transparent Christmas window decorations that she adhered to the bottle before adding the snow. And then she added mini lights to make it come to life. This is such a great idea!!!!

Kathy Greger of Quakertown PA. says she sells her hand painted wine glasses at local crafts and art shows. I'm going to bet they fly off the shelves.

OK, that's all I've got room for in this newsletter.

Tear Down to Set Up In The Studio

Last week I said I would share some photos of the studio and the filming gear. Well we had everything set up but we didn't like the quality coming from our older video cameras. So they had to come down. And we had to purchase a new camera.

These are the old cameras. They were top of the line in the decade we purchased them. But technology changes so quickly!!!

These lights emit super bright lighting and help to reduce unwanted shadows. At first they're almost blinding! As you can probably make out in the background, things are getting a little cramped and messy in here.

Anyway, the new camera was just delivered the other day. OMG! It's so tiny! And it will be so much easier to mount. Can't wait to finally get rolling and developing courses just for you.

Speaking of courses, if you're interested in learning how to paint in oils or you want to improve your overall painting skills check this out! I came across this intensive painting course some time ago and I think it's really, really impressive.

It's on sale until Sunday midnight with $85 off the regular price plus free shipping. In Canada it's $85 off with 1/2 off the International shipping. I really like the quality of the course and I think you will too. And it has a money back guarantee. Go see for yourself. Learn & Master Painting is a full-featured oil painting course that starts at the beginning and builds to a master level of artistic skill.

That's A Wrap!

OK, that's all folks. Short and sweet. See you next week!

Talk soon,

Cheryl Poulin


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