Alcohol Ink Paintings

Working with alcohol inks on non-porous surfaces can lead to all sorts of fun paintings that often take on a life of their own.  In the images shown below, my surface of choice were inexpensive 4" x 4" glazed ceramic tiles.  Any hardware or home renovation center will carry these.

Alcohol inks are very fast drying but can be manipulated with the use of 99% isopropyl alcohol.  These inks are incredibly highly pigmented and the colors just seem to explode with energy!

For my afternoon of fun and exploration I sat down with Adirondack Alcohol  Inks (6 different colors).  I had on hand some rubbing alcohol, the ceramic tiles, a drinking straw and a can of compressed air.

alcohol ink painting on ceramic tilePoppy Passion - 4" x 4"

My alcohol ink painting process... but feel free to go ahead and try anything!

The tiles were cleaned with rubbing alcohol first.  Then all I did was place a few drops of one color ink on a tile and quickly blew through the straw to move the ink before it had a chance to dry. 

Then I added another color here and there, this time using the can of air.  Whoa!!!  That was a blast.  Literally.

Continue blowing other colors around.  The inks will blend forming new colors and shapes.

Add random drops of rubbing alcohol and watch as the painting changes even more!  Sometimes I just dripped the alcohol randomly but other times I used a #1 Liner brush to add the dots of alcohol with more precision.

Just explore and play.  If you hate your tile, just wipe it all off with the rubbing alcohol and start over.

Use a glossy spray varnish to protect the finished work.

Alcohol Ink painting on ceramic tile.Meditation Garden - 4" x 4"

Alcohol ink painting on ceramic tileGarden of Weedin' - 4" x 4"

Alcohol ink painting on ceramic tileAntipasto - 4" x 4"

Alcohol ink painting on ceramic tileTentacles - 4" x 4"

alcohol ink painting on ceramic tileSplash! - 4" x 4"

alcohol ink painting on ceramic tileBonfire - 4" x 4"

alcohol ink painting on ceramic tileWildflowers Don't Care Where They Grow - 4" x 4"

alcohol ink painting on ceramic tileSea Urchins - 4" x 4"

This is a great way to unwind!  And instead of framing them you could use them as coasters as long as you glue some cork pads to the underside of the tiles.  They make great gifts!

The following are the supplies I used for creating these 9 paintings.  I still have lots of ink left but used up the entire can of compressed air.

If you do purchase by using these links I will earn a teensy weensy commission which keeps me in art supplies and keeps my cats' bellies full!  For that I thank you.



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