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You're Gonna Love This - Cheryl at Your Decorative Painting Resource
March 27, 2015

Hello everyone!

March 27, 2015

It's Cheryl here from Your Decorative Painting Resource.

Have you ever found something that you had completely forgotten about? You know the stuff from years ago that just went "POOF!" right out of your mind?

And now, here it is and you say: "Wow! This is so cool! What a surprise."

Well I've been sorting through the studio, leafing through old note books and sketch pads. I do that sometimes. This time I came across a big binder with some old sketches I'd worked on years ago! And what did I find? A treasure trove of surprises!

I could hardly believe my eyes. I discovered designs for teddy bears, dragons, Tuscan faux finishes, florals and on and on it goes. So what will I do with this stuff? Stay tuned as the lost secrets of the studio are revealed.

What's your favorite subject matter to paint? What do you like to paint on? I love painting on all kinds of surfaces. If it's not moving, I can paint it!

I Just Have to Share This!

In last week's newsletter, I asked you to tell me about your first painting lesson. I asked and boy oh boy... you certainly delivered. I got some amazing responses. And I thank you all for sharing and being so generous. It was so much fun, but one story in particular really tickled me and had me and my husband laughing out loud.

It was from Wanda who wrote:

Oh my goodness, I think it was back about the time the wheel was discovered...

Actually, around 1986, just think if I had been able to keep with it I might have something to show for it but I am probably about where I was then.

Yes, I was very excited. I went with a friend who had been painting for a bit and just knew I would never be able to do as well as any of these gals. But none the less, I went home that day with a completed small painting and was so proud of it. I thought it actually looked pretty good, and for a beginning picture in oil, it probably did.

But after a year or two I looked at it and thought, gee... I wonder who has a farm that might want it, maybe hang it in the barn to scare away the vermin!!

Love painting and drawing, do wish I had been able to keep at it but I went to work to pay for my "crafts" and hobbies for which I no longer had any time.

Well we do what we are meant to do and I still love to try.

- Wanda

Well done Wanda. "...scare away the vermin!!" Now that was funny. Thanks for giving us a chuckle.

So what about you? Keep your stories coming by hitting "reply" right now. Tell me about your first painting lesson or any other fun or crazy painting experience you've ever had. I'm always up for a good story.

FREE and Fun Project…

Do you like daisies? I love painting daisies, and other flowers too. I created this little project a few years ago and I think it's very adorable. Visit my Earmark Studio website and check out the free step-by-step instructions for painting this wooden scissors holder. It's a fun project. And you've go to admit... the price is right.

That's A Wrap!

That's it until next week.

Talk soon,

Cheryl Poulin


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