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Happy New Year! You know, I was thinking…
January 03, 2015

Hello everyone!

January 03, 2015

It's Cheryl here, from Your Decorative Painting Resource.



Cheryl Poulin original Mixed Media - Dragonfly

Happy New Year everyone! Wow, it's 2015 already...

People often ask me why I do what I do. After all, I provide a ton of free content on my website that takes so much time and effort to create and maintain. So understandably, people want to know what's in it for me.

It's fair to say I have given that some thought over the years. But this is a new year… a time for reflection, a time for review and a time for new dreams. And as I reflected on what drives me and why I do what I do, the answer became quite clear. I realized this is why I have ALWAYS done what I do. And I know this because this is, and has been, a consistent source of joy for me.

So here is why I do what I do. Everything I do is based on this. This is what fulfills me. This is what makes me smile…

I believe that art makes the world a more beautiful place and brings joy to those who create it, those who teach it and those who enjoy it. I believe that we create art, not only for our own enjoyment, but to add joy to the lives of others. And when you bring joy to others, that joy spreads to those around them. And for me a happy world is a better world.

I am blessed to have had the gift of being creative unlocked in me as a young child. Both creating and teaching art has brought me enormous amounts of joy over the years. I believe that when I teach, I help unlock and release the creativity in my students. I teach them not only how to express themselves through art, but I encourage them and empower them to share their gifts and talents with the world. It is my way of making the world a better place.

I am thrilled when I see my fellow painters grow and flourish. I am thrilled by the success of others. I am thrilled when I can contribute, even a small amount, to help advance the skills of others. It is like spreading sunshine.

I have been teaching students for many years in my studio and as a guest teacher in many local studios. But now I am expanding my reach by creating a virtual studio where I can work with fellow painters and students worldwide. Imagine what we can achieve! Imagine the joy we can share and spread! Together, we can make the world a better place.

Do you want to unlock or grow your creativity? Join me in my classroom either the virtual one or in my home studio. Let's bring joy to ourselves and to others. Stay tuned for updates as we progress towards the opening of our Open Studio.


You may remember I began work on an antique Milk Can some weeks ago. Progress came to halt over the Holiday Season. The milk cans were put aside so that I could battle a nasty virus and rest up. My intention is to get back to the project as soon as possible. And don't worry… I'll be posting updates regularly, so stay tuned! If you haven't seen the start of the project check it out now.

Cheryl Poulin


Your Decorative Painting Resource

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