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December 14, 2014

Hello everyone!

December 14, 2014

Hello everyone!

Cheryl Poulin here from Your Decorative Painting Resource.

It won't be long now until Christmas... a time of the year that gets us creative people crafting and making art at every turn. Whether in the kitchen making meal magic or creating handmade gifts for family and friends, creative people are always busy.

Just remember to take some time out for yourselves as well. It can be a very demanding and stressful time too.


I mentioned in the last issue that I was working on an easy project design. I'm so excited! I've just finished putting on the finishing touches for this little set of coasters (could also be ornaments). As a part of the YDPR family, you get to see it here first.


In the last issue I asked you to check out my tutorial for painting trees and I got a lot of great feedback.

What we've done here at YDPR is made that tutorial available for you to download for FREE! Plus there's a big BONUS! In the downloadable PDF tutorial I've also included 3 new tree painting techniques not featured on the website. So go download it now.


Q. Moira from North Carolina asked, "I can never get very fine lines when I use my liner. What am I doing wrong!?"

A. When I'm teaching in my studio I see people struggle with this all the time. If you want fine, long, continuous lines first choose the right length brush hairs. You'll need a long Liner for lengthy work like scrolls and curly cues. You'll need a mid-length line for smaller work like filigree.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't hold the brush like you would a pen. The brush needs to be perpendicular to your surface. Just the very tip of the brush touches the painting. Rest on your pinky rather than the heel of your palm. Your pinky is for support and your shoulder is what moves the brush...not your wrist or your arm. And remember to breathe! If you don't breathe you'll get shaky lines. And lastly, practice, practice, practice.

Find more on brush stroke basics here.

For now, happy painting everyone!!

Cheryl Poulin


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PS Here are those links again... just in case you missed them.

New Pattern Packet

How To Paint Trees

Brush Stroke Basics


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